Thursday, August 16, 2018
By Trevor English
The Benefits of Having Your Home Professionally Staged

The Benefits of Having Your Home Professionally Staged

As a seller, you cannot take the home staging process personally.  This is not an indictment of your decorating style or an attack on the way you keep your home.  Our homes are very personal to us, they showcase our stuff that we have accumulated over time and this stuff speaks to us.  The goal of home staging is to have the home speak to everyone else.

Move-in Ready Home

Many of the buyer’s in our Southwest Florida market are looking for homes that won’t require a ton of work before moving in.  With a seasonal influx, buyers want to be able to enjoy the home as soon as possible.  According to a Maritz Research Staging poll, 63% of buyers are willing to pay more for a move-in ready home - wouldn’t you like to receive the optimum amount for your home when selling?

Stand Out Among Your Competition 

Here in Southwest Florida, you not only have to compete against your neighbors that are selling their home but even more importantly, you have to compete against new construction.  Make your home look the best it can because buyers will always be drawn to the bright and shiny, professionally staged builders model home.  You can make your home stand out just as much.  Which home would you buy: A home where the homeowner staged their space to highlight the potential lifestyle the buyer could have or one that is cluttered, out of date and disorganized?  The answer is obvious.


A properly staged home will look like something straight out of a magazine.  Getting that space professionally photographed will definitely make your home stand out among the competition.  Over 90% of homebuyers start their search online and photos of a newly staged home will attract buyers.  Thats the goal - attract the buyers and get them through the front door.

The resistance to stage your home is an obstacle that must be overcome.  The benefits simply out way the inconvenience.  Don’t we all want a fast sale and for a higher price?  Get both with home staging.

Stage your home!!